Feb. 12: Pitchers, catchers and numbers report

It’s Feb. 12, 2017, and Cleveland Indians pitchers and catchers are the first to report for Spring Training. (Do they still have Jake Taylor and Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn? If so, there’s probably a wacky first-day-in-camp montage happening RIGHT NOW.)

It’s also time to restart this sports promotions analysis blog, which has been dormant for nearly two years. The project started out with a simple question: Do gameday promotions pay for themselves? And if so, which ones?

If you’ve been in sports marketing and promotions for a while, you’ve seen the season ticket and group sales staff (rightfully) lauded for bringing in crowds, while the promotions efforts to bring in single-game sales have been (wrongfully) dismissed as untrackable.

But it IS trackable, if you have enough data. Do fireworks nights work better on Fridays or Saturdays? Which brings in bigger crowds: hat giveaways or jersey giveaways? And is it worth it to host a 2,500-item giveaway instead of a 2,000-item giveaway? We have a database of Minor League Baseball promotions dating back to 2014, comprising more than 6,000 games and tracking the effectiveness of several dozen categories of promotions (as of this post, we’re monitoring 93). We’re not stopping there — we’re adding in even more numbers from the 2017 season to see where fan interest is trending. And we’re bringing in data from hockey, soccer and basketball to create the most well-rounded promotions database ever.

This site is for all the sports promotions staffers who have ever wanted to justify their existence beyond a mention by the morning drive-time deejay. Some of the insights will be posted right here on the blog, with even more actionable data – and answers to your most burning questions – sent out to premium subscribers every week. Interested? Email brettmcginness@gmail.com. It’ll be the best investment you’ll make this year.

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